School Breakfast = Success

 "Now that they are eating breakfast, students who used to be lethargic or had difficulty concentrating are getting a much-needed lift in the morning and are ready to learn."
                                                                             -School counselor in St. Johnsbury

The New Breakfast Requirements Are Here!


Use this Power Point (in pdf form) to train yourself and your staff in what makes a reimbursable breakfast this year! (It includes the very fun and informative "Meal Or No Meal" game!)


Your School's Breakfast ProgramBreakfast_boy

Every child needs a healthy breakfast to start their day ready to learn, but many children arrive at school either without eating breakfast or only having eaten a sugary snack. Before classes even start these children are at a disadvantage. Fortunately, the School Breakfast Program can remedy this situation along with providing numerous other benefits.

Students who eat breakfast at school score 17.5% higher on standardized math tests, have better attendance, and are 20% more likely to graduate from high school.

Benefits of the School Breakfast Program
  • Breakfast programs may help to keep low-income children and families from hunger. (1)
  • Students do better academically, including on standardized tests (2)
  • Students are more alert and attentive (2)
  • Students have fewer behavior problems (3)
  • Students are less likely to end up in the nurse’s office complaining of stomachaches or headaches (2)
  • Students eat more fruit than they may have without the SBP (2)
  • Students who eat a well-balanced breakfast daily have a decreased risk for obesity and chronic diseases. Rest of students (2)(4)
  • Students are less likely to be absent, tardy or suspended (5)
  • High breakfast participation results in better finances for the school itself!  (6)(7)
  • Parents of all income levels groups can rest assured knowing that their  child can eat a nutritious and reasonably priced breakfast at school.
  • Parents of all income levels save the time and stress of daily breakfast  preparation at home.

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Additional Ideas to Improve Participation
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Just like the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), the School Breakfast Program reimburses schools for each nutritionally complete breakfast served. In Vermont, all low income children receive free breakfast--our state government pays the 30 cent cost families who qualify for reduced price school lunch would otherwise have to pay, and your school food service does not have to charge students in the reduced-price category for breakfast.



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